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Education Services

Cultural, economic and societal change creates a need for different approaches to education and learning . Globalisation, which is increasing international interdependence rapidly, leads to obsolescence of old knowledge and at the same time requires constant acquisition of new knowledge, which means that teachers and students alike must be open to new opportunities in the field of education and be adaptable to the change in the learning methods. As we think about the word education, we often think of the formal education that happens in primary and secondary schools and in high schools and colleges. However, this is not the only form of education. As formal education being delivered by using traditional methods of learning, it emphasis more on explicit (Bookish) knowledge rather than tactic (Skill & Value based) knowledge. In contrast to explicit knowledge, which helps us ‘know what’, tactic knowledge can be understood as ‘know how’. Tactic knowledge is something that we often can’t learn by reading books, infect it is acquired by addressing real problems and comes with practice, it relates to experience, ideals, intuition, values, creative thinking, emotions, skills and attitudes. Hence Tactic knowledge in education can be a GAME CHANGER. In the hope of providing the students with practical know how, i.e. value based Tactic knowledge & developing their skill sets LULLA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE (LSCF) offers a unique work integrated learning experience program in the form of PROFESSIONAL B.COM & PROFESSIONAL M.COM with a goal to make the indian education system more fruitful to the students, parents & society as a whole.